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Celebrate Canvas Art with Polishing Plaster

Good morning, friends! Nicole here with a fun Canvas Art piece I created using a variety of Polishing Plaster, 4x6 canvas and a stencil. I wanted to do something different for a change and my friend is having a baby soon and I thought this would look cute on the baby's shelf.

Canvas art using Polishing plaster
Canvas Art with Polishing Plaster

Good things take time, right? And this is one of them. I used layering stencils in between each color to bring this image to life. It's not perfect...there are smudges, but art doesn't need to be perfect, right!?

Using Polishing plaster with stencils to create a canvas
Polishing Plaster used with Stencils

It doesn't take too long to dry. Each layer dried within 30 minutes. I would do a layer, step away for awhile and come back to the next layer.

I really love how much text the Polishing Plaster adds to this piece. Lots of dimension and color. So pretty! Here is a photo of the Polishing Plaster next to the project so you can see how gorgeous they are!

Gorgeous baby shower gift on a canvas with Polishing Plaster
Finished Canvas Art using Polishing Plaster!

What do you think? It was super fun to just play with all of the Polishing Plaster and not hard to do at all. Don't forget to check out the Polishing Plaster in the shop. Once you start playing with this medium, you will want them ALL. Thanks so much for visiting today!



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