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About Perfect Paints

Cheryl Mezzetti, the founder of Perfect Paints, is an accomplished designer and mixed media artist who has worked in the art industry for several years. Formerly, Cheryl functioned as a meticulous Education Director and Design Team coordinator for Creative Imaginations as well as Splash of Color.


Cheryl’s love of art was evident at a very young age, with strong influences and encouragement from her mother, aunt and grandmother. At the age of just five years old, Cheryl shared her "artistic" abilities by painting her kitchen walls with calamine lotion as if they were a blank canvas! Her love of design, color and texture only grew from there. 

As an instructor, she has taught at a myriad of conventions and specialty stores throughout the United States, South Africa, Canada and Europe.  Her love of education and passion for Art is mirrored in her unique style of teaching operating as an encouraging, entertaining and inspiring professional who focuses on attention to detail and perfection. Enrolling within a class led by Cheryl is undoubtedly a priceless exposure to unique styles of work, as well as personal development for each student within the subject of expertise.

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Perfect Paints was born from Cheryl's passion to teach both beginners and advanced students.  Formulated in a scrupulous manner so that they adopt the characteristics of a watercolor, glaze or oil when used with her perfect fluid mediums, the acrylic paints prove to be like none other. Each of her Artist acrylics can be used on most surfaces including wood, metal, glass and even fabric without the need for fabric medium. Cheryl is a perfectionist and her new paints reflect this by their ease of use, vibrant colors and their unique ability to be transformed.


Often recognized for her frequent publications in many paper crafting and mixed media books as well as magazines, each irreplaceable piece offers a unique insight into Cheryl’s artistic abilities, inspirations, and years of knowledge.  As a versatile designer that has turned flea market finds into breathtaking works of art using a variety of mediums, she “believes that each of us has a passion and a dream that is unique. The best way to succeed at anything is to discover what we love and share it with others. My dream is to inspire those around me through teaching and designing,”  Cheryl lives near the beach in Massachusetts, she has four sons and twin grandsons. 

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