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Mixed Media Wooden Block

I love working with wood. I'm not sure if it is the fresh cut smell of wood or just the ability to change an item to look totally different than it began. Either way....give me wood and I am a happy gal. When I began working on this mixed media project, I had no idea where it was going but once I started it just all fell into place. The paints and mediums really give endless options. This is such an easy project to replicate!



  1. Cut wood block to desired size. Mine is cut to 6".

  2. Stain and let dry

  3. While the block is drying, I started on the roses by taking air dry clay and making random sized balls. Once I have the desired size, then press them out until they are oval in shape.

Creating Paper Clay Roses
Roses from Air Dry Paper Clay

4. Take the first oval and roll it like a burrito. This will be the inside of your flower. Continue adding the oval shapes until you have the desired look for each flower. I then cut off the excess clay and flattened out the bottom. Leaving the roses to dry 24 hours before moving to the next step.

Paper clay roses
Shaping the air dry paper clay into roses

5. Now it is time to paint!!! I started with the base colors: Red Wagon, Frosted Rose, Beehive and Afterglow. Paint all the petals and deep into the cracks. I started with Red Wagon and made my way to the lighter color. You can use a different brush each time but I did this would give me some highlights from the color prior.

6. Now use Ballet Slipper and Halo to touch on the high points for highlights.

painting with Shimmering Matte Acrylic Paints and air dry paper clay
Shimmering Acrylic Paints on air dry paper clay

7. The paint dries fairly quickly so I just set them aside and started working on the stained block by using the 6x6 stencil and laying it flat on the block. I then used the Clear Texture Gel and Polishing Plaster, with the pallet knife, and covered the entire stencil. Some areas as you can see, I only used the Clear Texture Gel, some areas they mixed together.

Applying Polishing Plaster and Clear Texture Gel
Organic Sugar Polishing Plaster & Clear Texture Gel through a stencil

8. Remove the stencil and then let dry. The Polishing Plaster dries pretty quickly but the Clear Texture Gel can take a bit to dry. I let mine cure for about 2 hours before I started to the next step.

9. Begin layering the laser cut Flowers and Ideaology strips with a touch of glue. Since this will be standing on the shelf I wanted to use a strong bonding glue that I know will hold to wood. Attach the flowers once everything is in place.

Adding the Painted Paper Clay flowers and embellishments
Painted Paper Clay flowers, 49 and market and Tim holtz

Your finished product will be so beautiful sitting on the shelf. It sparkles and shines no matter where the light is shining from!

Beautiful finished Mixed Media Wooden Block
Beautiful finished Mixed Media Wooden Block using Polishing Plaster, Shimmering Acrylics and Clear Texture Gel

Have a creative week - Becky


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