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Exploring Blending Techniques with Perfect Paints

Thanks card by Eva using Perfect Paints
Thanks card by Eva!

Hello everyone !

Acrylic painting has always been an exciting medium for me, and the addition of shimmering acrylic paints opens up even more creative possibilities. They’re perfect for adding highlights, depth, and a touch of magic to your art. Today we are going to make Thank You cards and in the process play around with the vibrant shimmering acrylics from Perfect Paints.

Shimmering matte acrylics!
Shimmering matte acrylics!

We are going to start with a wet on wet technique and for this I’ve picked a thick mixed media paper of 300gsm. Lightly mist your canvas or paper with water. This keeps the paint wet longer, allowing more time to blend.

Blending Shimmering acrylics using the wet on wet technique
Blending Shimmering acrylics using the wet on wet technique

Choose two or more shimmering colors. Apply them directly onto the damp surface. Here I’ve used Sangria, True Blue, Peacock Blue, Bright Gold and Spring Green shimmering matte acrylics.

Adding Halo SMA to the background
Adding Halo SMA to the background

Using a clean, damp brush, blend the edges where the colors meet. The water helps create smooth transitions. If necessary, add more paint and blend again. You can also layer additional colors once the first layer is dry for more depth. Then I’ve picked up a few journaling stamps and stamped patterns over the cards to give it texture and a grungy look. Added some paint splatters using Halo acrylics to give it the finishing touches.

"Thanks" card by Eva
"Thanks" card by Eva

The wet-on-wet technique is an excellent way to explore the full potential of these paints, creating stunning, blended effects that shimmer subtly. Hope you loved creating this Thank You card using this technique.

Products Used:

Shimmering Matte Acrylics:

Lots of love,



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