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~FAITH IN A BOX~ Mixed Media Box

Design Team member & Mixed Media Artist, Sherri Welser

We all need daily reminders to Embrace Imperfection and to have faith that where we are in life is where we need to be. Faith happens when we let go of we thought our lives should be as the universe has bigger plans then we ever could have imagined... This sweet little box is a daily reminder to let go and let the life you were meant to have shine through...

The Supplies used in this project

Perfect Paints Shimmering Matte Acrylics in Cantaloupe

Perfect Paints Polishing Plaster in Dried Cranberries

Crackle Gel Medium

Plain small wooden box unfinished

Metal Embellishments ( arrow, quote)

Framed Jewelry piece

The word 'Faith' in letters or as a full word ( paper)

Tissue paper for lining the inside

Gel medium



  • Paint the inside and outside with the perfect paints shimmering matte acrylic in Cantaloupe and let dry

  • Using gel medium adhere the tissue paper to the inside.

  • Cover the entire box with the cracking gel medium and let dry completely

  • Using the Perfect Paints Polishing Plaster in Dried Cranberries apply by rubbing with your finger over the box highlighting the cracks with the polishing plaster to create depth and give it that old vintage look.

  • Using E 6000, glue the metal embellishments on leaving the final jewelry piece for the next step.

  • Using the jewelry piece as a frame on top , align the word Faith into the open area and glue using the gel medium.

  • Adhere the jewelry piece over the word Faith to let the word show through the opening.

Faith in a box [front of box]

Faith in a box [inside view]

Faith in a box [close-up]

Faith in a box [top view]

You now have created your own sweet ~Faith Box ~to fill with inspirational small finds to keep safe. ~Sherri Welser


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