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Dried Cranberries Polishing Plaster

#1067 Dried Cranberries ~ 4ozs

Polishing Plasters are an easy to use, heavy bodied, shimmery, pearlescent texture medium that has multiple capabilities.
Polishing Plaster allows you to create dramatic, artistic textures unlike any other product. Use Polishing plasters directly from the jar or mix with our Shimmering matte acrylics to create a custom color blend. Paints can be mixed with water and use as a shimmery paint. Works easily through a stencil, emboss with texture plates or stamps for a unique design. Polishing plaster can be used on multiple surfaces, including canvas, paper mache, wood and more!
  • Details

    Application & ideas

    Layered stencil application:
    To create a layered image, apply a thin coat of polishing plaster through a stencil and allow image to dry completely.
    Applying a lighter Polishing plaster in thin coats over the background-stenciled image will allow the design to show through. Burnish* each layer using a palette knife, credit card or back of a metal spoon and increasing the angle and lightly scrapping the plaster. Burnishing will create a unique, polished effect that enhances the highs and lows of the colors with each coat. You may also “buff” each layer when dry using a soft cloth. Creating an “old world texture is effortless with polishing plaster.

    Painting with Polishing Plaster
    Polishing plaster can be thinned with water.
    Do not add thickened acrylic paints over Polishing Plaster as it may peel.
    Polishing plaster can be applied over collaged surfaces.

    Features & Advantages
    •Heavy bodied, shimmery, pearlescent texture medium
    •Water based, clean up with soap & water
    •Durable – Indoor use only
    •Mixable & paintable with Shimmering Matte Acrylic Paints
    •Can be dried with a low temp heat gun
    •Keep out of reach of children
    •Non toxic
    •Made in the USA
    •Conforms to ASTM 4236
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