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Crimson Whispers Layout - A Perfect Paints Symphony

Gorgeous layout using perfect paints polishing plaster
Crimson Whispers Layout by Eva!

Hello Crafty Fam !

I’m Eva & today I have a captivating layout that marries the vividness of red and green hues with Perfect Paints products. This enchanting creation, crafted as a design team project, will draw you into a world of timeless beauty.

Crimson Whispers Layout closeup using Polishing plaster
Closeup of Crimson Whispers Layout

The journey begins with a carefully curated selection of Perfect Paints products, each chosen to infuse life and depth into the project.

Closeup of Polishing Plaster shimmering sage on layout
Closeup Polishing Plaster Shimmering Sage

Embellishing the scene is the Polishing Plaster - Shimmering Sage, contributing an element of texture.

Closeup Shimmering Acrylic & Polishing Plaster on a scrapbook layout
Closeup Shimmering Acrylic & Polishing Plaster

Closeup of Polishing Plaster Shimmering Sage on a layout
Closeup of Polishing Plaster Shimmering Sage

The heart of this creation beats with the vibrant pulse of the color palette. The Shimmering Matte Acrylics in shades of Spring Green, Vintage Patina, and Red Wagon gracefully intertwine, painting a story of contrast and harmony.

closeup of polishing plaster and shimmering sage
Closeup Shimmering acrylic and Polishing Plaster

At the heart of this captivating narrative rests an enigmatic focal image—a girl amidst roses. Her tranquil demeanor evokes a sense of serenity, inviting you to immerse yourself in her world.

Spring Green Shimmering acrylic paint closeup on a layout
Spring Green Shimmering acrylic paint closeup

I hope you loved this layout & I also have a step by step video tutorial to help you create this beautiful layout all by yourself.

Thank You so much for stopping by.

Products Used:

•49 & Market Artoptions Rouge Ephemera Bits

•49 & Market Color Swatch Acetate leaves

•Tim Holtz Ideaology Tiny Clips

•49 & Market Art Options Rouge Fond Memories Paper

Lots of love,



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