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Nature Inspired Holiday Season!

As I look back on my childhood I cannot remember a time i did not "collect" things from nature and bring them home. If you were to visit my studio you would find feathers, rocks, bark, driftwood and yes pinecones around my home. Much of my artwork has been inspired by my beautiful nature inspired surroundings.

Today's inspiration was found during my daily runs along the beautiful New England coastline. This time of year in Massachusetts it is hard to find alot of color with the leaves well past their beautiful hues of reds and oranges. What is left are the pretty towering pine trees and berries that now line my path. The pinecones have started to fall and are in abundance this time of year! I quickly gathered up a bag full to use as inspiration in my holiday decor! This project was fast and easy and just about everything was something i had on hand!

Product used:

Perfect Paints Shimmering Matte Acrylic Paints ~ [Rain Slicker, Moss Green, Emerald City, Red Wagon]

  • Large Pinecone

  • Small matte white stamens

  • White chipboard star

  • Peat Pot

  • Natural pine pieces

  • white flower

  • May arts white silk ribbon

  • Christmas sticker sayings

  • fine glitter

  • tiny styrofoam beads [found at my local dollar store during the holiday season]

  • Crafters workshop 6x6 tatting stencil

  • white chalk paint

  • small red hatpin


I first started with the pinecone and painted it using Emerald City and Moss Green Shimmering Matte Acrylics. First painting the pinecone with Moss Green and then dry brushing Emerald City on top. When it was dry i added White Stucco using my palette knife. Before the Stucco dried i sprinkled on some white fine glitter.

Emerald Green

Moss Green

Rain Slicker
Red Wagon

Next I painted my peat cup using white chalk paint. When it was dry I added my White Stucco using a palette knife through the Crafter workshop stencil.

Next I painted my matte white stamen, white tiny styrofoam balls, white ribbon and my white poinsetta flower using Red Wagon Shimmering Matte Acrylic paints.

I painted my Star and Ribbon using Rain Slicker and a tiny bit of Red Wago Shimmering Matte Acrylics to create a warmer shade of yellow.


Adhere the pinecone to the peat pot using a strong glue. Add the Star at the top adding some pine greenery, Poinsettia and Christmas sticker. Adhere the red ribbon onto the peat cup rim. Adhere the pine greenery adding in some of the red stamens.

Using the gold ribbon make and bow and adhere along the cup. Add a small red hat pin and christmas word!

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