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Paint & Shovel Mini books!

Today I want to share with you my love of creating tiny picture books. As a Grandmother of eight, I collect so many adorable photos that I love to keep in fun homemade books.

I am excited to show you how to create these books using Perfect Paints & Mediums and this adorable pail and shovel die from AccuCut Crafts. The designer of this particular die cut is Cheryl Mezzetti, a woman of many talents!

To begin, cut your base out of chipboard. I wanted the cover to resemble a real pail so I painted it using Perfect Paints Shimmering Matte Acrylics in "True Blue". As you can see I also painted the edges for a finish look. Be sure to let this dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Next I chose a cool Nautical Chain Stencil from TheCraftersWorkshop . Carefully line up your design and tape the stencil down using removable tape. Using Perfect Paints White Stucco and the back of a pallet knife, spread it over the chain. Similar to how you would frost a cupcake. Once spread, carefully lift the stencil off and let the paint completely dry. Once dry use the same technique to apply the anchor in the middle of the pail.

Next, paint the shovel's front, back, and edges using Perfect Paints Shimmering Acrylics "Vintage Mercury". Make sure to let dry completely. Using the back of your pallet knife, spread some Perfect Paint Polishing Plaster "Raw Silk" on the bottom of the shovel for a sandy effect. While this is still wet push some seashells into it. This plaster will also work as an adhesive.

When your pieces are completely dry, brush over them with Perfect Paints Gloss Medium & Varnish. This will give your pail a fun wet look and also protect the finish.

For the pink pail book I used the same technique as above except I mixed a little Perfect Paints Shimmering Matte Acrylics in "Peony Pink" into the Perfect Paints White stucco. To do this put a little white stucco on a craft mat or wax paper with your palette knife, then add a little paint and mix together. I then chose another stencil from The Crafters Workshop

Lastly add fibers, and ribbon to your shovel. I hope you enjoy this project.

Thank you!

You can see more of Nancy Hawes work on her blog!

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