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Winged Heart!

Hi Perfect Paint Fans.... Lynne Forsythe here!!

I was talking with Cheryl Mezzetti upon her

return from the Scrapbook Expo in Grapvine, TX. She was ECSTATIC about the response of her PERFECT PAINTS

(I'm not surprised!!!)

She spent the weekend sharing the AMAZINGNESS of her products and my post today is about a "challenge" she gave me.

together to create another Shimmering Matte Acrylic color

I had already begun a canvas and had been unsure at that point, where I was going with it.... I now knew... I had a "challenge"!!!

[I apologize, there are very few step out photos, this was truly a creative endeavor, one to get lost in....and I did!]

I began with a 14" x 18" canvas, and cut (3) hearts from various vintage papers and adhered them to the canvas. I pulled out several The Crafter's Workshop stencils and applied various Perfect Paints Texture mediums through them....

Organic Matter Mask ~ Perfect Clear Texture Gel Netting ~ White Stucco

Raven Mosaic ~ Cayenne ~ Polishing Plaster when dry I painted on a layer of Perfect Glaze Medium over the entire canvas. response to challenge #1

mix Perfect Paints Shimmering Matte Acrylics

with Polishing Plaster

I stepped right out of my color box on this one...

Shimmering Matte Acrylics Ballet Slipper and my new LOVE ~ Vintage Mercury which I folded into Organic Sugar ~ Polishing Plaster

I masked off my hearts with the original heart patterns

and lathered on the concoction!

Now came my answer to challenge #2

mix Perfect Paints Shimmering Matte Acrylics

together to create another color.

My color choices?......

I added a bit of

Perfect Glaze Medium to help with reduce the opacity as

I wanted to see the music in my large "Paper Heart".

Each heart was "colored" differently. Did I say..... I LOVE Vintage Mercury??

Each time, using the leftover "color" on the background of my canvas.

Suddenly, I was stuck.... I had no idea how to finish the canvas! Until I received a box from Canvas Corp Brands with their new Mixed Media Origins Collection ahhhh.....there it was a pair of wings on the Grace paper.

I wanted to share with you a few more close ups of my canvas....

There are sooo many layers to this project I can't even begin to tell you about them.... adhering string

painting tatting coiled wire toothpicks big brush pens vintage sign letters and do overs!

.....all to achieve the finished project....

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