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Perfectly Painted Onsies!

Hello! My name is Nancy Hawes and I've always loved anything crafty and creative. When I was a child, I would paint shells and rocks and decoupaged anything that didn't move. As a teenager, I would sell my creations in local boutiques, evenually I started creating jewelry to sell! After I was married and raising four boys, I had the opportunity to further pursue my love for creating by making different crafts to be sold at local shows. As my children grew, I took a job as a display designer for A.C. Moore. The position allowed me to teach the customers many different projects through the classes I offered. My real passion is to create and teach using a variety of mediums including, paper, paints, stamps and inks! The best part about teaching is inspiring others to try new techniques and think a bit out of the box!

I have always loved painting on infant "onsies" but have found in the past that the fabric medium made the fabric stiff and often the paints crack! One of the unique qualities of Perfect Paints is their ability to adhere to fabric without the use of a fabric medium! Painting with them i heaven - they are rich, creamy and full of shimmer! The gorgeous colors just inspire me to create!! Perfect Paints can be washed after curing and the paints keep the integrity of the fabric and the colors stay bright and vibrant!

Just remember to always wash your fabric first, heat set after 48 hrs - I just throw it in the dyer for 20 minutes, and always hand wash inside out for best results.

  • Peony Pink,

  • Peacock Blue

  • Bright Gold

  • Tarnished Silver

Nancy was formerly a designer with Imagine Crafts. We are excited to have her join our Perfect Paints design team. You can see more of Nancy's work on her blog! You can also see some of her designs on the Perfect Paints facebook page or follow us on our Pinterest page!

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