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Mixed Media Mermaid Tag!

Happy Friday everyone! It's a pleasure to meet you all, my name is Walter Zemrock. As a fellow paper crafter, I am thrilled to share with you my latest project featuring Perfect Paints and Texture Mediums. But before we dive into the details, let me introduce myself.

By day, I am a finance professional hailing from the suburbs of Boston, MA. But by night, I am an avid paper crafter, finding solace and joy in creating beautiful pieces. I am also a proud dog dad to two rescues, Sophia and Baxter. Crafting with paper is not just a hobby for me, it is a peaceful and creative outlet to balance out the analytical world of finance. My personal crafting style involves incorporating vintage elements into my projects, whether it's making cards, journals, or mixed media pieces. When I'm not crafting, you can find me cooking, reading, taking long walks with my dogs, and spending quality time with my loved ones.

So without further ado, let's dive into my latest creation and get inspired to unleash our creativity!


When I create a tag for a mixed media project or gift, I add some strength to the tag by adhering chipboard to the back of the tag.

Adding a touch of shimmer and dimension to your artwork has never been easier. Using a palette knife, add a layer of Iridescent Gold Pearl Plaster. This versatile medium allows you to create a stunning layer of Iridescent Gold that adds a luxurious and eye-catching element to your piece.

With a palette knife, apply Iridescent Gold Pearl Plaster
With a palette knife, apply Iridescent Gold Pearl Plaster

Adding additional texture using bubble wrap
Adding additional texture using bubble wrap

 I added additional texture by pressing down on the Iridescent Gold Pearl Plaster with a piece of bubblewrap. I dried the tag with a low temp heat dryer to speed up the drying process.    

I added a small strip of burlap along the bottom [we will be adding texture and color to this burlap in the instructions below]. I painted the remaining background using Perfect Paints "Rainstorm" Shimmering Matte Acrylics.

Adding a burlap strip to my tag
Adding a burlap strip to my tag

While the background of the tag was drying, I started to work on the mermaid. For the tail, I mixed Vintage Patina Shimmering Acrylic Paint and Clear Texture Gel together. Perfect Clear Texture gel will thicken the paint and give it a semi-glossy sheen. I added additional texture by using a craft pick to add scales and lines while the paint was still wet.

Clear Texture Gel mixed with Vintage Patina SMA
Clear Texture Gel mixed with Vintage Patina SMA

For the mermaid hair, i used Creamy Orange Aqua Pigment.  I used Tea Stain Spray for her skin color.    Once her hair was dry, I painted it with a coat of the Pearl Aqua Pigment.  

Mermaid hair and tag sentiment
Mermaid hair and tag sentiment

I tore a vintage piece of sheet music into some two pieces, glued it down, and applied a light coat of the Rainstorm Shimmering Matte acrylic.  

closeup of Mermaid
closeup of Mermaid

Finished mixed media tag by Walter Zemlock
Finished mixed media tag by Walter Zemlock

A quick squirt of the Peacock Chroma Mist was applied to add some variation to the color of the water.  The sentiment was added over a piece of mulberry paper. 

 I cut the coral and oyster shell were cut from cardstock.  I painted the coral with Cantaloupe Shimmering Matte Acrylics. The shells were colored using alcohol inks.  

For the burlap, I mixed X-Small Glass Beads with Tea Stain spray and paced over the drip of burlap.  

I added some strands of peacock feather fibers, adding glue and rolling them together.  

Add the Mermaid using foam tap.  

Lastly add the dew and pearl drops using craft glue.  

Products Used:

Perfect Paints Shimmering Matte Acrylics - Rainstorm, Vintage Patina, and Cantaloupe

Brutus Monroe Tea Stain Spray

Brutus Monroe Chroma Mist - Peacock

Brutus Monroe Aqua Pigments - Creamy Orange

Brutus Monroe Aqua Pigments - Pearl

Brutus Monroe Peacock Feathers Mixed Media Fibers

Scrapaholics Mermaid Set Chipboard Shapes

Piece of old sheet music

Dew Drops

Pearl Drop

Pink and Beige Alcohol Markers

Small strip of burlap

Small strip of lace

Scrap of Pink Mulberry Paper

Small piece of Bubble Wrap

6" x 3" Mixed Media Tag

6" x 3" Piece of Chipboard


Double Sided Foam Tape Strips


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