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I'm in love with Mixed Media

Twenty plus years ago I began my journey in scrapbooking. Even though I don't scrapbook as much as I used to, I am so thankful for every bit of that journey and everything I learned along the way. One of which was a newfound passion for Mixed Media. I simply love anything and everything about it. There is no right or wrong! Today I want to share with you one of my favorite ways to alter a canvas with paper and paints.

For this project I used the following:

  • Perfect Paints Shimmering Stucco

  • Perfect Paints

  • 49 & Market Serenity Subtleties

  • 49 & Market Serenity Calming

  • 49 & Market Tranquility Laser Cut Wildflower

  • 49 & Market Serenity Laser Cut Elements

  • 11x14 Canvas

  • Various scrap paper from Basic Grey and WRF Studio

  • Tooli-Art Paint Pen

  • Black Sharpie Pen

  • Black Acrylic Paint

Perfect Paints Shimmering Paint in Halo, Rainstorm, Beehive and Vintage Patina

Craft Palette Knife


  • Paint the entire canvas with black acrylic paint and let dry.

  • Cut the background paper to fix the size of your canvas. I used two sheets total of 49 & Market. Once cut to the desired size just apply with a thin layer of Mod-podge and let dry.

  • Using the palette knife I begin layering the Perfect Paints Shimmering Stucco in various areas to add dimension. I also tried to add a good layer where my paper seam will be so that it will not be as obvious.

Applying Perfect paints Shimmering Stucco onto a canvas
Applying Shimmering Stucco onto my canvas

Applying Perfect Paints X-Small Glass Beads to Canvas
Applying X-Small Glass Beads to Canvas

  • Set the canvas aside so that it can continue to dry and start trimming up your scrap paper.

  • I rarely through away anything so using scraps for this project is so easy to do. Cut a variety of sizes for the petals as well as the leaves. I tried to gauge what size stems would be needed and built the flowers around the stem.

Adhering paper flowers to my canvas
Adding Flowers to my Canvas

  • Once everything is cut out then it is time to mod podge the flowers to the canvas. I love that this gives me a little bit of maneuvering power so that I can get the petals in the right place.

  • Keep adding and layering until you have everything just where you want it. Then I cut and added some basic journaling blocks as well as butterflies from the 49 & Market Laser Cut Elements pack.

  • Using my Shimmering Acrylic Paints and a fine tip paint brush, I began adding highlights all along the canvas. Down the side, on the petals and stems, and anywhere I felt I wanted a little bit of shimmer.

Applying X-small glass beads and shimmering stucco to a canvas
Closeup X-Small Glass Beads and Shimmering Stucco

  • Now that everything is dried it is time to add the final touches. With my sharpie pen I started to outline the flowers, stems, add journaling and then a touch of a border all around the canvas.

  • Highlights are added to the flowers using the white Tooli-Art paint pen.

  • Sign and you are done with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

Finished Canvas using Shimmering Stucco, Glass Beads and Shimmering Acrylic Paints!
Finished Canvas using Shimmering Stucco, Glass Beads and Shimmering Acrylic Paints!

Live your Best Life Canvas by Becky using Perfect Paints and Texture Mediums
Live your Best Life Canvas by Becky

I hope you will join me and recreate your own version of this project! Make sure to share it with us. ~Becky


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