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Are all White Texture Mediums the same???

Hello Perfect Paints fans!! HOPE all is well in your piece of the world!!

Mixed Media Canvas by Design Team Member, Lynne Forsythe using perfect paints white stucco
Mixed Media Canvas by Design Team Member, Lynne Forsythe

I wanted to use a white medium on a burlap canvas but which Perfect Paints medium would work best?? Not knowing, I pulled out four "white" mediums to determine the answer to my question. The four I chose were:

Metallic Shimmer Paste ~ brand new product soon to be released! Which one do you think will perform the BEST!??!?

Check out my latest video below as I explore each of the above mentioned Perfect Paints products.

I wanted to show you how the Marble Plaster Stucco came out! IT'S AMAZING and all the CRACKS!! BONUS all the pieces have adhered AMAZINGLY to the burlap.....maybe I should have waited!!

Perfect Paints Marble Plaster on burlap
Perfect Paints Marble Plaster! Loving the cracks!

Hope you enjoyed my experiment! Until we meet again......Stay CREATIVE ~ Lynne


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