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Marble Plaster Texture Medium

Marble Plaster Texture Medium ~ 4oz


Marble Plaster is a high viscosity marble dust plaster that offers limitless possibilities.
Perfect for creating aged plaster effects or using over stencils. Can be used on a variety of surfaces including canvas or paper. When applied over crackle sizing it will provide small cracks. Use over Riverstone for a broken/chipped plaster look.


  • Marble Plaster Stucco is a unique medium that creates dramatic, artistic textures unlike any other product.
  • Can be highlighted or dry brushed after dry using our Shimmering Matte Acrylics, Pearl Paste or Polishing Plaster.
  • Can be tinted or color washed after product is completely dry.
  • Apply with a palette knife.
  • Can be applied over collaged surfaces.
  • Can be used to hold shells, small tiles and light weight embellishments
  • Can be applied to most stable, non-flexible surfaces such as canvas, wood, most metals, foam core, paper-mache and more.

Care &Appearance

  • Heavy bodied, white texture paste.
  • Open jar and apply using desired technique.
  • Close lid tightly when not in use to prolong shelf life.
  • A small amount of water can be added if product becomes dry.
  • Can add water to thin product or to keep it moist.
  • Do not expose to extreme heat or cold.
  • For indoor use only
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