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How to Make Holiday Ornaments with Perfect Paints

Holiday ornaments by design team member, Becky Thackston
Holiday ornaments by design team member, Becky Thackston

Hi all! Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.

When the holidays hit my mind goes into overdrive which can put a damper on your creativity. Or at least for me it does. Too many ideas and then I can't seem to get anything done. But I'm here to tell you...DON'T PANIC! Every project does not have to be super detailed and take hours to make. I was struggling this week, but I pulled out my papers and paint and within in 30 minutes I knew what I wanted to make. Minus the drying time this project only took me about 30 minutes to make!

I gathered all my products together and coordinated the Perfect Paints I wanted to use and let everything flow.

Materials used:

Canvas Heart

49 & Market Vintage Artistry Naturalist Bookplate

49 & Market Serenity Calming Paper

49 & Market Serenity Ephemera Bits

Pop Dots

Misc Gold ribbon

Recollection Flowers

Perfect Paints Polishing Plaster Gilded Azure and Organic Sugar

Perfect Paints Shimmering Acrylic Beehive

Liquitex Free Style knife

Step by Step:

  1. I started off with the canvas heart as my template. I just penciled around the heart onto the Artistry Naturalist bookplate and then cut it out inside the marks using the outline as my guide. Taking the edge of my scissors I then roughed up the edges.

  2. Now take the outline from the bookplate and do the same using the Serenity Calming Paper. Take your scissors and rough up the edges again.

Trace out your ornament
Trace out your ornament

3. I then took the Polishing Plaster and added it randomly to the canvas heart and the first heart. This step I let dry overnight but if you don't want to wait just set this aside to dry while you gather all the other items.

Adding Polishing Plaster to your ornament
Adding Polishing Plaster to your ornament

4. Once everything was dry, I glued the hearts together. Now it is time to layer. If you like to sew then this would be a great time to sew the middle heart down but I decided to just use a journaling pen.

Sewing your new heart
Sewing your new heart

5. Using Perfect Paints Shimmering Matte Beehive add some shading to the paper flower. Using glue dots adhere the journaling blocks from the Ephemera bits kit. Finish up the ornament with a coordinating ribbon.

Finished heart ornament using Polishing Plaster!
Finished heart ornament using Polishing Plaster!

These would be so pretty all over the tree!! And with the shimmer of the paint and the lights....simply beautiful! I hope you will give this a try and share with us your finished product!

Until next time....happy crafting.



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