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Follow your Artistic Dreams with Perfect Paints

From a young age, I have always had a passion for drawing.  I would spend the weekends with my grandparents scribbling with crayons or meticulously copying cartoons from the newspaper, I was always lost in my own little world of art. It was during this time, I would dream of being part of our local art festival.

We would visit each year, I was in awe of the different styles and techniques showcased by the artists. It was then that I made a promise to myself - one day, I would be a part of that festival as a vendor. This year, we will celebrate our 15th year as vendors at the festival.

Over the years, my love for art has only intensified, and I make it a point to learn new techniques and experiment with different mediums every day.

One of my most significant discoveries on my artistic journey has been Perfect Paints. The first time I set my eyes on their products, I knew they would always be my go-to choice. The quality and range of their paints and supplies are unmatched, and it has become an essential part of my creative process.

Not only do their products help me overcome creative blocks, but they also inspire me to push the boundaries of my art. The versatility of their paints allows me to experiment with different techniques and styles, and the results are always impressive.

But it's not just about the quality of their products, it's also about the company behind them.

Perfect Paints is a family-owned business, just like my own, and their passion for art is evident in everything they do.

Supply list

Perfect Paints Products

Polishing Plaster in Cayenne and Organic Sugar

Shimmering Acrylic Paints in Red Wagon and Ballet Slipper

Other Products

2x6 cut roughly 6" long

49 & Market Tranquility Laser Cut Wildflowers

49 & Market Tranquility Genuine Calm

49 & Market Tranquility Colored Foundations 2

Misc vintage paper

Prima Vintage Trinkets

Metal Heart

Hemp string

Tim Holtz Ideology Theories


  • Trim down the vintage cardstock and the 49 & Market Genuine Calm paper until you get the desired size. I decided to leave just a small amount of the wood block showing.

  • Cut out a heart from the 49 & Market Colored Foundation.

  • I picked out a large Wildflower cut out and a few of the smaller ones and put everything together to visualize the final product.

Getting started using 49 and market products
Getting started using 49 and market products
  • Use Mod Podge and a brush to layer the cardstock - set aside to dry.

  • I painted the entire heart using the Perfect Paints Shimmering Acrylic Paint in Red Wagon and then used Ballet Slipper for highlights.

Painting my paper heart using Red Wagon and Ballet Slipper
Painting my paper heart using Red Wagon and Ballet Slipper

  • Using sandpaper I lightly roughed up the edges of the heart and then glued down using Mod Podge.

  • Using a pallet knife I then added the Polishing Plaster in Cayenne randomly across the block. Once dry I added the Organic Sugar.

Adding texture using Polishing Plaster, Cayenne and Organic Sugar!
Adding texture using Polishing Plaster, Cayenne and Organic Sugar!

  • Adhere the wildflowers and the metal heart.

  • Wrap the block with hemp string and tie on the Prima Vintage key.

  • Take the Perfect Paints X Small glass beads and add a touch of them on the flowers for some added texture. Make sure to stir this up good since the glass beads settle. I just love this for that added texture the beads give. The gel dries clear!

Loving the X-Small Glass Beads!  More texture!
Loving the X-Small Glass Beads! More texture!
  • Add a few of the Tim Holtz Ideology Theories Journaling blocks and you are done.

  • You will also notice that I did not trim my wildflowers. Instead, I bent them up so that it added some extra dimension to the block.

Closeup finished project!
Closeup finished project!

Finished!  Love the paint and textures!
Finished! Love the paint and textures!

Have a creative day - Becky!

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