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Goddess of the Sea Canvas

I can't tell you how thrilled I was when Cheryl asked me to be a featured artist on her blog. I've been painting longer than many of you have been able to tie a bow. I've been a Cheryl fan since first meeting her. Her Perfect Paints rocked my world. Cheryl is such a gem. She's so dedicated to her product. I don't know which I adore the most Cheryl or Perfect Paints. Thank goodness I don't have to choose!!! Let's talk about the Goddess of the Sea - "Neptune's Bride". Perfect Paints are so rich with pigment - they produce a satin like quality when applied! The mica just twinkles at you and makes you look again. It's easy to produces depth with layers of these paints. I'm astounded by their uniqueness! Step 1: Picking out your beautiful face Pick a beautiful face and print it out in black and white on gloss paper and again on standard computer paper. it could be you, your daughter, a famous model, etc fussy cut both. I've loved the image of Princess Grace for years, so she was chosen to be the bride's beautiful face. After carefully fussy cutting both images, set the glossy print aside to prevent accidental splatters or finger prints Step 2: I selected a handful of Shimming Matte Acrylic colors that reminded me of the sea......... Perfect Paints Shimmering Matte Acrylics

  • Hydrangea

  • Rain Slicker ~ not a "sea color" but used to suggest the Sun rays.

  • Peacock blue

  • Periwinkle blue

  • Rainstorm

  • True Blue

  • Emerald City

The Shimmering Matte Acrylic colors listed below I used later on the canvas....

  • Sangria

  • Cantaloupe

  • Halo

Perfect Paints has several unique texture mediums for this canvas I used the Stucco Mediums! For my canvas i used the Polishing plasters! You can also use the Shimmering stucco for a harder, shimmery finish! Shimmering stucco can also be used to glue down many of your embeliishments - just simply push the embellishment into the stucco and let dry!

  • canvas 12x12

  • Several small empty spray bottles

  • Pallet knife(s)

  • A few good quality artist brushes

  • Gesso

  • A variety of stencils

  • Helmer's 440 glue

  • Plenty of random sea shells and other embellishment that are reminiscent of the plant life under the sea

Step 3: Assembling our supplies Now that we've assembled all our supplies We'll do a little prep work. Fill spray bottle almost full of alcohol {isopropyl not the drinking kind lol}. Add a pallet knife full ( a tablespoon or teaspoon full) of Perfect Paints Shimmering Matte Acrylics to the spray bottle and shake. I did one for ever color listed above except the Sangria.

Step 4: Building the back ground Using a varitey of Stencils we will be building layers using Perfect Paints Texture mediums 1. Apply a light coat of gesso over the entire canvas. Dry throughly. 2. Using Perfect Paints Polishing Plaster, fill the back side of the pallet knife. Place a stencil atop the canvas smear the plaster across the top of a stencil and onto the canvas. Do this randomly across the the canvas fill it completely with the Polishing Plaster[s]. You can add any other item(s) to create texture such as resin pieces, small paper flowers, small chains or metal embellishments, bits of broken jewelry! . Allow plaster to dry. Don't be shy about building layers and textures. Feel free to add more. The canvas should be covered with the stenciled Polishing Plasters - feel free to overlap the stencils for more dimension. We want to create lots of texture. Dry throughly (you may use a "LOW TEMP" heat gun to speed the drying process.) 3. Adding the Perfect Paints Shimmering Matte Acrylics ~ these paints are rich and luscious and such a beautiful satiny matte finish to anything they are applied to. Using your newly created Perfect Paints Shimmering matte spray "inks"; spray first one color and then the other using blues and greens. Try drying a bit between colors. Continue to build layers with your sprays.

4. Once your background is complete, place the plain paper face where desired. Do NOT glue it. Now the fun...... Using Helmer's 440 Glue start glueing sea shells where you would normally see hair in a big up do. CAUTION make sure not to get any glue on the photo. The photo must be loose enough to remove. We're only using it as a reference for shell placement. Make sure the shells overlap the picture without getting glue on the picture. Using a square shader brush applying small whisks of Perfect Paints to your shell. We don't want them covered just want to highlight them. You can also use your finger to apply almost any color to tiny edges or bumps on the shells. I found an embellishment made by Melissa Francis that reminded me of coral. It was the wrong color but a bit of Cantaloupe Perfect Paint "inks" sprayed heavily on the embellishment changed the embellishment from pink to Coral.

5. Once your satisfied with yours shell placement you deserve a good deep breath. It good to walk away for a few moments and then return for a new look. Feel free to make adjustments by spraying additional areas to deepen the colors if needed. You might want to added a random shell or two. 7. Now you can add Sun rays if desired, by holding the straight edge of a piece of paper from the top of the Canvas and angled it toward the face, spray Rain Slicker "ink" carefully avoiding the shells and the face and using the edge of the paper to create a straight line. 6. Carefully remove your plain paper image and replace it with the glossy one making sure the edges are carefully tucked under the shells. Once satisfied with the placement glue the glossy image down. 8. If desired you can add a bit of spark to her lips! Using Shimmering Matte Acrylics - Sangria and a liner, paint her lips. Add a little Shimmering Matte acyrlics - Peacock as an eyeliner. Do so with a very light hand. You only want the suggestion of color. 9. All brides need a veil. Her's was created by using the "Mesh Bag" from a pack of onions. Cut to the desired length down and glue it down just a bit under the shells. 10. If desired, add pearl embellishment for her jewelry. Securing with Helmer's 440 Glue. 11. Sign your canvas and have a glass of wine. I hope you enjoyed creating your Neptune's Bride. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at: judybarsch@

Happy Perfect Painting!

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