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Hi my name is Tammy Signer-Holmes, I am thrilled to share a little bit about myself and the inspiration behind my canvas using Perfect Paints products!

*Photo credit ~ Jon Holmes

I am happily married to my supportive husband, Kevin and a mom to three wonderful children. My daughter, Erin is 31 (my hippie girl), and two sons, Kyle 28, (affectionately called my beast), and Jon 19 (A junior at Franklin Pierce University majoring in Graphic Communications). For the past 12 years, I have been a scrapbook consultant for Close to my Heart ( My son, Jon's graphic work was the inspiration for this canvas. He has been interested in Graphic Design since he was in grade school. Jon runs cross-country, indoor track, outdoor track and works at college designing for events all while a full time student maintaining a 3.81 GPA. His mind is never at rest! When Jon was a freshman in college he created a new logo that Nike applied to his track and field uniforms! His designs have been used for various events, printable apparel and pamphlets. Most recently, Jon created a new logo for Stem Gem business. The company wanted to expand and Erin Signer (the owner) requested Jon’s input on the logo. Hence came the re-branding of the company now known as Signature Elements. He combined nature with part of Erin's last name to come up with the identity. The products are made of natural stones and can be currently found on Facebook. Check them out!

This summer, Jon was on staff as the lead graphic designer, for Albany Center Gallery. Much of his work involved identity branding with specific design for events, social media management, posters, flyers, and photography. His work currently disperses itself throughout the gallery website.

*Photo credit ~ Jon Holmes

The canvas I designed using Perfect Paints, incorporates my son, Jon’s graphic and photography talents! The image I used started with a photo of his roommate, Dage Minors. Jon believes the lion represents heroic courage that can only be matched by those who dare to join him. The piece represents the similarity between the courageous lion and the ambitious man. It signifies a collaboration of the two as they synonymously embrace a metaphoric crown over their colleagues while also juxtaposing their own ideals. The man and the lion are one.

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