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Finding your Inspiration!

I have found with art that you really have to go with what your heart is telling you. Sometimes that particular piece may not be for everyone...and that is okay. That is what makes art unique. Recently, I decided to try a different style of painting. It was not my usual style but for some reason I felt led to try it.

When I shared a sneak peek, some people liked it...some did not. At first I didn't know what to I stop?? I keep going?? I try more patterns?

The next morning I was driving into work listening to my favorite music station and the song "Overcomer" by Mandisa came on and it hit me...I have to create for myself!!! I have to create what was loudly speaking from my soul! I was so excited so I rushed home and created more...6 more to be exact! And I laughed...I cried...and I enjoyed every ounce of these pieces of art.

Don't ever give up on your creating just because it may not "fit" in. Create to your hearts content. Shout from your soul! There are not many art pieces that I create and keep and some find a new home! But this one...she is staying with me and is now sitting proudly in my craft room as a gently reminder to walk by faith.



  1. Using your hands spread some white craft paint evenly over the canvas.

  2. Using several craft paint colors (or colors of your choice) dip your fingers into the darkest color to start the center of your flower.

  3. From there just start adding the colors around the flower center in a swirl fashion. Similar to the petals on a rose.

  4. Add some of the Perfect Paints Polishing Plaster in Dove's Wing to the petals to add depth.

  5. You will notice as you are adding paints they may mix together along with your background color. If you lightly smooth your hand over the edges and along the flower petals, you will be able to add some color in small areas.

  6. Continue making as many flowers as you would like. At this time I will add some green and brown craft paubts for the greenery and then add a few flowers over the top of the greenery .

  7. Once you are done with the flowers take the Perfect Paints Shimmering Matte Acrylics in Bright Gold and the Halo, using one finger, add some small highlights to the flowers and along the edges of the canvas. These Artist acrylic paints will give your flowers some beautiful highlights and additional depth!

NOTE: For additional sparkle, While wet sprinkle some glitter along several flowers

let dry

Once dry I cut out a quote using my vinyl cutting machine and added it to the top of the canvas.

Seal the vinyl

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