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Iridescent Gold Powdered Pigment

1500 Iridescent Gold Powdered Pigment ~ 1/2oz


Iridescent mica powders have a couple of very unique characteristics. What makes a mica "iridescent" rather than shiny or metallic in appearance comes down to some interesting science behind how light interacts with different surfaces and materials.

When light strikes an iridescent mica, it is refracted. Just as in a prism.  The resulting effect this generates varies greatly from material to material. Iridescent Mica will change the color it appears to be based on the angle from which you are viewing it.

Our collection of premium quality iridescent pigments powders are the finest mica made.

Easily incorporated into all water-based systems


  • Bold and highly reflective
  • Offer the ultimate durability
  • Incorporate easily into our glaze, glass beads and clear texture medium.
  • Non-toxic and non-reactive which means they can be incorporated into virtually any medium
  • Details

    • For Clear or Translucent Mediums Only
    • Excellent UV stability
    • Not Cosmetic or Pharmaceutical Grade
    • Keep out of reach of children
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