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Gel printing

Gel Printing with Everyday Objects


Discover the artistry hidden in the everyday, transforming ordinary objects into tools of expression. Lynne's guidance will unlock the potential of common items around your home, opening up a world of creativity that transcends the need for expensive art supplies. With an array of materials at your fingertips, experiment with Gel Plate printing techniques, understanding how diverse papers and fabrics contribute to the visual richness of your creations. Unleash your artistic flair through mark making, color layering, and other printing techniques, culminating in the crafting of unique collages within a Junque Journal. This journey promises not only artistic fulfillment but also a newfound appreciation for the beauty inherent in the simplest of everyday objects.


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Class Day & Time - May 18th  1:30 - 4:00

Class Length – 2-1/2 hours

Class Cost - $50.00

Class  Size:  Limited to 10 students


Student supplies: 


Students to bring:


Kraft Matt

Flat Brush

Round Brush


Multi Medium Matte



Lynne will provide for class:

Gel Plate

Heat tool

Found Objects


Please read about Studio 1028 here before signing up for classes
All classes sales are final

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