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Mixed Media Art Folio

Mixed Media Art Folio


Embark on an artistic adventure with this enchanting mixed media class! We invite you to transform a blank journal into a captivating masterpiece, infused with the vibrant spirit of spring, the elegance of weddings, or the wanderlust of travel. Guided by the ethereal 'Kaleidoscope' collection from 49 and market, we will delve into the world of mixed media, where your imagination will take flight. Together, we will explore a myriad of textures using Perfect Paints and innovative texture mediums, creating a symphony of visual and tactile sensations. The end result will be a magical and utterly unique journal, brimming with inspiring elements that will ignite your creativity. This class is an ideal platform for expanding your knowledge of paints and mediums, empowering you to incorporate these techniques into your future artistic endeavors. So, let your creativity soar and join us on this extraordinary journey as you create a journal that is a true reflection of your unique artistic expression.


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Class Day & Time - May 18th  10:00 - 12:30

Class Length – 2-1/2 hours

Class Cost - $50.00

Class  Size:  Limited to 10 students


Student supplies: 

Teflon mat

Baby wipes

Palette knife

¾” flat paint brush & round brush

Spray bottle filled with water


12" cutter

Ruler, pencil

Strong adhesive such as aleene's clear tacky glue


foam squares or tape 

white/black pen [optional]


Please read about Studio 1028 here before signing up for classes
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